Quality assurance is taken as a means to increase the attractiveness of international degree programmes in the Greater Region. Implementing international study programmes, Universities in border regions have to mediate between international, national and local quality assurance systems. At the same time, the proximity of the partners allows an intense communication across the borders about the definition of learning outcomes and the recognition of the ways in which the appropriate quality of teaching and learning is maintained in the partner institutions.

The aim of the QUACE project is

  • to strengthen the quality culture within the universities of the Saar Lor Lux Wal region,
  • to develop common guidelines as a basis for a quality label in double degree and PhD programmes in the Greater Region,
  • to improve the communication between European universities about quality assurance in double degree or PhD programmes in border regions.

Target Groups

The Quace-Universities of Luxembourg, Saarland and Liège have signed a regional co-operation agreement, the ‘Charte Saar Lor Lux Wal’, which involves all major higher education institutions in the border region of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. More than 70.000 students are enrolled in one of the 15 partner universities.

The main target groups of QUACE are

  • University administrations in border regions, especially in the Greater Region,
  • University faculties involved in double degree or international PhD programmes,
  • Students and prospective students,
  • Quality assurance institutions on European and national level